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Rita Wagner, Mixed Media Artist, Author


Rita Wagner is an artist and writer living and working in a beautiful hamlet near Tilba on the Australian South Coast.


In 1990 Rita had a horrific car accident. After being cut out of her car and rushed to Canberra hospital she was pronounced dead on arrival, with many broken bones, collapsed lungs and a leg so severely crushed, it was feared Rita would never walk again.


Unable to work  Rita took up writing and painting. Partly, as rehabilitation, partly to while away the hours stuck in a wheel chair.


The creativity of art struck a chord and she found she could combine her art work with words, to create easy to read light hearted books.


Rita believes that out of every difficult situation comes something wonderful, for her it was rediscovering the magic of imagination.


So began her discovery of art. Rita began her painting career with Bauernmalarei then moved on to Trompe L'oeil and Decorative Furniture incorporating gold and silver leaf gilding.

Seeking to discover more she attended Open art Classes at the Australian National University and studied watercolour with Noel Ford, Life Drawing with Sue Taylor and all other aspects of art with several different tutors. Rita continued to increase her knowledge by participating in classes and workshops with Jan Ward, Val Fitzpatrick and Lesley Wallington.

Rita has now developed her own style incorporating all the techniques she has learnt. Using mixed media she paints on commission and for exhibition. Rita loves to pass on her knowledge and holds art classes and workshops. 


Rita's work as an author, combines her love of art and writing.

She has  written and illustrated three books:


'Menopause Makes Mummy Mental' published by Chifley Press.

A lighthearted, funny look at menopause and all that goes with it.


‘Lily and the Beach House Dragon’  published by Blurb

A delightful story about a little girl called Lily and her Magical Dragon.


‘Sam loves cars’ published by Blurb

A story about a little boy called Sam and his adventures in his little red car.


Rita's paintings and commissioned works are held in a number of private collections in Australia, Germany and America. 





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