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Rita has written and illustrated three books, see what they are all about here...

Menopause Makes Mummy Mental!


This book is A5 (21x14cm),  small enough to carry in your bag! Full colour illustrations.


A light hearted look at menopause!

Are you confused, bewildered, itchy bitchy scratchy?

You are not alone petal.

Share the true, often bizarre experiences of several menopausal women!


Written because there are just not enough funny books out there and not enough

empathy for those who are trying to cope with the ups and downs of menopause.


Written and illustrated by Rita Wagner


Published by Chifley Press

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Lily and the Beach house Dragon.


​Small square book 18x18cm, full colour.


A story about a magical Dragon and a special girl called Lily!


Read how Lily meets the Beach house dragon and why they share  a special picnic,  stories, sandwiches and a refreshing swim.

What a happy day they share!


Written and illustrated by Rita Wagner

Sam loves cars



Small square book 18x18cm,  full colour.



A story about Sam and his little red car.


Sam loves to drive his little red car to all sorts of different places.  He takes good care of his little red car, making sure that all is in working order. 

What fun they have!



Written and illustrated by Rita Wagner

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